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Alter Bridge - Fortress

One of our favorite bands, "Alter Bridge", released their fourth album "Fortress" on September 25, 2013.

So let's spill out some guts before we jump into the water...

This is without a doubt a fine album (due diligence below), another step forward in the band's development after AB III. The abilities of all the band members and especially of Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti rise here a respectable stage and are presented to the glory of hard rock and metal. Each time, they manage to bring themselves to a different place and create music that on the one hand is very faithful to the sound and dynamics of the band and on the other hand diverse, innovative, and a little different. There are songs on this album that need to go into the Pantheon and proof of that is the inclusion of many of the songs in the band's tour.

Anyone who knows the band knows that they are an indescribable bunch of workaholics. When Miles is not with Alter then he is touring or recording with Slash and in between working on a solo album. Tremonti also has a solo career that is gaining momentum (when at that time Creed was still a bit existing), drummer Scott Phillips formed together with members of the band Sevendust a band called Projected, and bassist Brian Marshall just working hard to enjoy the good life!

So after a 3-year hiatus when everyone was busy with their eyes, the company teamed up in January to start working on the next album. And what a great album this talented bunch has created.


The album opens with "Cry of Achilles" which feels bigger than the band has ever done, from a musical, dramatic and epic masterpiece. No doubt an opening shot of what awaits us below. Already here we feel as if something new is happening here and a whole new world of musical works is about to reach our ears.

It is followed by a formidable cluster bomb, the first single from the album "Addicted to Pain". It's the perfect choice for the album's first single, combining the aggressive and rolling riffs with Miles' melodic vocals.

We're just getting started and already Tremonti is coming to the third song "Bleed it Dry" with one of the heaviest riffs on the album and not only, but also with one of the most beautiful solos on the album, we have already warned several times that it is very dangerous to release this guy, even a little.

Beauty ... Now a little relaxed, although Miles' opening overture is a bit surprising and stressful at first, especially in light of the words about the despair and betrayal, we love and indulge in "Lover" which is just great.

The "The Uninvited" that comes after it is simply a deadly combination of Miles and Tremonti that feels like playing with each other and we are watching (listening) from the side and having fun.

"Peace Is Broken" is an expected altar song, but then comes a little twist with "Calm The Fire" which starts very differently and continues to roll in hard rock ahead.

But then ... so ... comes one of our favorite songs on the album, a song that in the live show just blew our lashes and eyebrows together. "Waters Rising" begins with Tremonti as lead singer, for the first time in history Tremonti is the one who leads the song in terms of singing, and the combination of friends is just deadly !! We have already talked about this here on our page, that Tremonti turns out to be a talented singer with incredible energies and strengths. As he leads the houses and also the chorus and Miles joins him in the chorus and enters the breaking section, this song I just bombed. What a power !! What energy !! You can replace the reactor in Dimona only with this song !! (Do not be ashamed to press the repeat button, we pressed!). We very much hope that from time to time they will perform such songs on subsequent albums as on the new album with the song "Forever Falling" !!

Well let's wash our faces and continue with "Farther Than The Sun", once again someone forgot to tie Tremonti, and now wonder why we have to hold tight so we don't fall, even though the chorus in this song kind of drops the dynamics of the song.

The "Cry a River" that comes after it is a bit reminiscent of it but let's move on to "All Ends Well" which is a different kind of ballad that speaks from mom's throat and makes you sing along with her.

The song that closes the album "Fortress" feels like a kind of sequel to the song that opens the album, this is the most experimental song on the album according to the band and indeed it is a fine ending to a very fine album !!

Two things we feel must be noted here:

1. Alter's music style is not something we have not heard before but ... and there is a big but here. Tremonti's amazing talent on the guitar and Miles' amazing talent in singing (he's also an amazing guitarist, look at the shows) are what makes this band special. The combination of the two leads to amazing creations that just make you fall in love and we have no better way to explain this!

2. Disclosure, first we did not like this album. It smelled like nylons, like buying a new car or furniture. Something created on a production line that consists mostly of robots or computers. Something on this album felt too mechanical, produced, and polished to the point of exhaustion. It was as if someone had forced the band members to create an album, so they went into the studio, threw all sorts of ideas to Pro Tools on the computer, and made an album out of it. But very quickly we realized or rather we felt we were wrong and made a big mistake !!

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